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Preface: VYIE (ˈvī-ə \ ˈvā-ə, dependent) is the name of a darkly inspirational non-fiction character. VYIE is a four-letter-word. VYIE is a band.

Once upon a time [March of 2012], friends and protagonists of a like-minded cause, Janey Criss and Jessi Monroe, stole three days from their lives of post-wizardry and fashioning, of sorts, in order to conduct a musical writing experiment. The result was an assuming product for the formulaic concoction at hand: boisterous synths, curious minors, acoustic elements, playful rhythms and thick, resolute vocals. Shortly following the experiment, Alec Yeager was invited to add thoughtful battery to the equation. Logistics were discussed. And VYIE became.

The goal of VYIE on record is to take each song forward, into and through various methods of design. The goal of VYIE live is to take each song backward, beyond technical construction and artistic conception, in order to explore each meaning attentively and thematically with others. VYIE invites you to come explore as well.

The Beginning.


“The seductive rhythm and lush vocals sweep you up amidst a variety of instrumental expression.”

 Caley Ross, Surviving the Golden Age

“…a band that makes you feel like you’re flying through space in a 78 Trans-Am.”

– Britt Thomas, Hiplanta

“VYIE is a band that writes experimental, synth pop hooks and vocal clouds that take you on journeys in the dark, where reality and fantasy bleed into one another and visions begin.”

– Ghettoblaster Magazine

“VYIE produce  perfectly realised electronic pop, with a vaguely melancholic edge.”

Andy Von Pip – The Von Pip Musical Express

“… a rather cerebral and celestial offering that soars on a blanket of atmospherics and Vyie’s breathy voice.”

– Gregory Robson, Made of Chalk

“It’s easy to get lost in the new Nightingale EP. It’s a journey through the darkness of music, slow moving bass synth lines anchor the background for the stories being told on top, adding an important element not usually associated with electronic music.”

– David Stringer, SceneSC 

“Nodding toward the chilly electro of The Knife and the textural subtlety of Trent Reznor’s soundtrack work, the duo makes songs that feel dark and distant, more suggestive and foreboding than direct.”

– Bryan Reed, Free Times

“The sleek electro-pop outfit contributed the menacingly sexual ‘Too Far Away’ to the Drift soundtrack. The group’s forthcoming five-song slab proceeds in similar directions, such as the smooth, synth-rich ‘Darrrk Night’”

– Jordan Lawrence, Shuffle Magazine

“VYIE’s “Too Far Away” exudes a sense of sensual dread via driving bass lines and magnificently distorted guitars and synthesizers.”

– Jordan Lawrence, Shuffle Magazine

“It’s hard to stand out in this musical wasteland that is the now. VYIE somehow stands out among all of those that are similar.”

– Cash Carter, Synconation

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