Tyler Digital


Combining elements of modern electronic trance with tasteful cinematic abstraction, Tyler Digital is the brainchild of video producer Tyler Matthews (formerly academia_). The influences are both diverse and rampant in the world of Tyler Digital, ranging from macabre Reznor-inspired tech-noir to the neon-soaked horizons of Washed Out.

Watch the visual album below for Tyler Digital’s upcoming full-length debut, Exit 8 – out August 26th.

Stream Exit 8 below:


“Someone needs to get the music director of Beverly Hills Cop IV on the phone and tell them we have their new opening track.”

Surviving the Golden Age (on “Night Talks”)


“Where others may eventually choose a path that aligns better with one or the other, Tyler Digital seems to thrive in this juxtaposition.”



” … playful and hallucinatory verses that melt into an ominous rush of digital drones and bleats.”



“….a lullaby of dark fantasies that you don’t necessarily want to wake up from.”



“…Mathews has created an eclectic, sprawling body of work that runs the gamut from electronica to club to trance to trip hop…”

Jasper Magazine


“His melodic tunes point to a faith that anything can and will happen.”

– The Free Times


Feature interview with The Free Times


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