JFS - Black Ephemera - Out Now

JFS (Jason F. Stroud) is an electronic artist and Los Angeles based-videographer who has been experimenting with video art and audio for over ten years.  Often with one piece playing as the antithesis of it’s predecessor, the dynamic of JFS can best be described as a “sonic pendulum”.

The first full-length album from JFS, Artax Lost Forever, was released on March 5, 2013 via Post-Echo- available to purchase on CD and as a digital download. In June of 2013, JFS collaborated with Forces of a Street for the “Petro/Zero x Infinity” digital split. March 25, 2014 will see the release of JFS’ second full-length album, Black Ephemera, a stark, abstract departure from the Italo-Disco influenced sounds of Artax. Stream the album below:

Black Ephemera  - rectangle - out 032514

JFS Press Photo

“It’s fascinating… definitely a worthy world to wade into.”

– Tyler Hanan, Nothing Sounds Better

“If there hasn’t been a video made for this song yet then may we suggest some strange beings watching a beautiful sunrise from somewhere in distant space. It sounds as though this is where JFS not only wants to be, but perhaps where they belong in the first place.”

– The Sound of Confusion

“… [on “Liberty”]… a grinding and chugging industrial composition that recalls the lyric-less latter-day work of Nine Inch Nails.”

– Jordan Lawrence, Shuffle Magazine

“… a dystopian soundtrack with a silver lining, a recording which features warm electronic melodies next to disembodied voices that say things like ‘Fuck it. All hope is lost. Fuck it all’.”

– Kyle Petersen, Jasper Magazine (p.39)

“… a really heavy curtain of a beat backdropping the entire track, cloaking an- at times quite busy- very deep space surface. It sounds very ‘serious business,’”

– Tyler Hanan, Nothing Sounds Better


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