Early one morning, a film crew traveled deep into the abandoned outskirts of the southeast. They were searching for places that told a story.

One of them found more than that.

What happens next is up to you.

Welcome to Choose-Your-Own-PASSAGE– an interactive, feature-length music video that offers viewers the opportunity to control the sights and sounds of the PASSAGE film series as a cinematic remix*.

Using a series of options presented at the conclusion of each video, your goal is to successfully guide Bobby Markle across a mysterious, abandoned multiverse. With over sixty available plotlines and adventures, the decisions you make will determine Bobby’s survival within the PASSAGE as well as the nature of his inevitable fate- be it escape, death, or endless purgatory.

Featuring original music from Cancellieri, Koda, Forces of a Street, Devereaux, and JFS, we hope you find Choose-Your-Own-PASSAGE to be a unique journey worth embarking on again and again, arriving at a new destination each time.

Begin your PASSAGE with the video above.

* Choose-Your-Own PASSAGE is not available to be played on mobile devices.

“There is ancient wisdom stored in the caves of the unconscious, but to get to it we must undergo a process of initiation, entering the secret cave by a labyrinth or dangerous passage. Passing through the cave, like moving through the torii, represents a change of state, a change in consciousness.”
– Dorothy May


What is a PASSAGE?

A PASSAGE is essentially a collapsed multiverse.

What is a multiverse?

Here’s a somewhat abridged nutshell of an explanation- in addition to the universe we experience right now, a “multiverse theory” proposes (among other things) that an infinite set of parallel universes also exist. Depending on the hypothesis, these parallel universes are each defined and structured by an endless variety of probable outcomes. Infinite mes and infinite yous undergoing an infinite array of trials, decisions, and discovery- in the process, forming the ultimate character arc that we ourselves will never fully comprehend.

What is a collapsed multiverse?

A collapsed multiverse is a little trickier- as it is essentially your garden-variety multiverse gone completely haywire. Remember, all those Infinite mes and Infinite yous? Well, imagine if every version of you that ever existed or will ever exist were suddenly condensed into one, finite, formerly-abandoned place. This place would be a PASSAGE. Each of us have our own.

Passage Map