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The brainchild of Jessica Oliver, the stylish buzzpop of People Person combines 60’s girl-group melodies with buzzing feedback and spare, driving percussion. People Person’s first demo, Swimming For Keeps, was released in 2011.  On October 8, 2013, People Person released Dumb Supper, featuring full band re-interpretations of Swimming‘s endearing sound as well as several brand-new songs.  Dumb Supper is available on CD, 10″ vinyl, or as a digital download.


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“… one of the finest discs to ever come out of the Holy City.”

Charleston City Paper

“Oliver’s melodies, punchy and loaded with prickly sarcasm, slice and shine.”

– Patrick Wall, Free Times (Top Local Release of 2013 #1)

“Dumb Supper, the first proper platter from Columbia’s People Person, sends punchy melodies slicing through grungy distortion. The tones draw from obvious slacker touchstones — Sebadoh, Pavement — but they’re pricked by girl-group sweetness; think Superchunk if their spark came from ’60s pop rather than ’80s punk.”

– Jordan Lawrence, Creative Loafing

“People Person is at its most distinctive, crafting pop songs from the rumble and wreckage of indie rock in a way that is uniquely their own.”

– Kyle Petersen, Jasper Magazine

” ‘Astoria’, the lead track from People Person’s Swimming for Keeps, seems both contemporary and out of time. Jessica Oliver (Can’t Kids, Hauswerk) recorded all of it with the internal microphone of a MacBook, but the resulting hiss and wow-and-flutter aren’t digital machinations, the scuzzy buzz of the guitars and gritty feedback are a result of the recording process and not ironic add-ons. It’s a winning track, buoyed by Oliver’s charming voice and confessional lyrics, and a promising portend of what’s to come.”

– Patrick Wall, Free Times

“Best of all though, is the combination of 60s girl-group harmonies, buzzing feedback, waspish lyrics, and sparse, driving percussion that makes ‘Portions for Fatties’ a deeply satisfying musical snack!”

– The Mad Mackerel

“Like another sonic signpost, Dinosaur Jr., there are melodies in the mayhem that will have you humming along to tunes such as ‘Portions For Fatties’ or ‘I’m Slimy’, and the production is clean enough to finally hear what Oliver can do as a vocalist, which is quite a bit.”

– Kevin Oliver, Music That Matters

“… a punk party of chatty cymbals, intoxicating choruses and periods of sobering doubt before a second wind of revelry kicks in.”

– Ben Talbot, Wordkrapht

“… a Grade-A garage-pop winner.”

– Sam Spence, Charleston City Paper

“…60′s girl group style ditties masked by layers of musical fuzztones for a gooey, glammy, garagey confection that’s as sweet as it is addictive.”

– Kevin Oliver, Music That Matters

“Jessica Oliver’s fuzzsaw pop as People Person is some of the sharpest in town. Adam Cullum and Evan Simmons, who comprise Oliver’s live backing band, provide more than ample muscle to Oliver’s sharp-tongued tunes, exploding them into huge bursts of angsty riot-grrl grunge.”

– Patrick Wall, Free Times

“Alternately raucous and affecting, propulsive and plaintive, Dumb Supper offers a smarter meal of punk aesthetic and memories of melodies past. ”

– Tyler Hanan, Nothing Sounds Better

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