Parlour Tricks

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While listening to mixes of its debut full length, Columbia, South Carolina’s Death Becomes Even The Maiden realized that a name change would best signify the profound development of its core sound. Shedding elements of its aggressive post-punk crescendos for a more refined and melodic design, the trio re-christened itself Parlour Tricks. And though punched-up choruses and heightened musicianship may have replaced some of the shrill screams and squealing guitars of past 7”s, Parlour Tricks retains the tension and nervous energy that made Death Becomes Even The Maiden’s music so memorable.

Parlour Tricks released their debut album, Medals, on June 24, 2014. Medals is available as a digital download and on 12″ vinyl in bronze, silver, and limited-edition gold.


“It’s okay to be fun, or consistent, or just plain good. Medals is each of those.”

– Tyler Hanan, Nothing Sounds Better

“… double-barrel aggression with a dance-rooted rhythmic lilt and a keener sense of nuance.”
– Patrick Wall, Free Times

“The band proudly merges post punk with a smidgen of new wave melodies for completely memorable sound of fantastic hooks and dynamic rhythms.”

Eat Sleep Breathe Music

“…they balance their knack to create pop/radio-friendly tracks with those that are sure to be concert favorites”

This is Books

“…drums can’t decide whether to visit the indie-disco or opt for some rock histrionics whilst a booty-shakin bass churns out some dirty basslines as nimble guitars dance across the mix.”

Two Beats Off

“Even with an evolved sound, they don’t seem to have strayed far from the hook-and-riff heavy rock that earned them their stripes.”