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Seamlessly blending thoughtful, anthemic songwriting with pop accessibility, PAN writes epic, instrumental music that aims to transcend the post-rock genre. Thunderous guitars collide with percussive swells creating a memorable soundtrack for the young and young-at-heart.

PAN released their debut EP, Post Rock Is Not Dead, in 2011. Their full-length followup, These Are the Things I Love and I Want to Share Them With You was released nationwide on 8/28/2012.  Their followup EP, Meta Major, was released on 9/17/2013.

These Are the Things I Love and I Want to Share Them With You is currently available in both vinyl and CD format. 

Meta Major is available on CD and as a digital download.

Free Digital Download of Post-Rock is Not Dead


“Fans of Fang Island, Explosions in the Sky, and Mogwai may already have this invigorating album on repeat.”

– My Old Kentucky Blog

“… an album that is arguably one of the year’s greatest surprises… In many ways, These Are the Things is a bellwether.”

– Gregory Robson, Absolute Punk

“Its post-rock is enormous, bursting forth with heroically chugging riffs that soar with relentless energy. Layers build up patiently and then crash down in gripping catharsis. Who needs words? There’s enough feeling in these mighty instrumentals to satisfy any emotive need.”

– Jordan Lawrence, Free Times

“…the mountains of distorted guitars (“The Things They Can’t Take Away”) are as crushing as any pop chorus on the radio today.”

– Ray Roa, Creative Loafing- Tampa

“Sharp riffs informed by indie rock, post-hardcore and classic metal counter the big, foggy builds to make something much more lively than incidental volume ever could.”

– Bryan Reed, Paste Magazine

“Sure there are dense walls of noise and crushing guitars with soaring melodies, but the band’s most identifiable attribute remains the utter joy that radiates off of their music.”

– Cactus-Mouth, Portals

“This 7-song ep is sweet, simple and easy on the ears. Initially, I was frustrated at the lack of vocals, but, in the end, it wins hearts. The title couldn’t be more fitting.”

– Janey Criss,

“Lead by a twin guitar onslaught and fortified by an airtight rhythm section, the band resists the urge to fill every moment with a barrage of notes, opting instead to explore tension and release to great effect, as Pan’s songs drift from epic passages of sublime beauty to crushing assaults of melodic intensity.”

— Mike Jones, WUSC Radio

“Pan combines absurdly happy and cerebral in their post-rock, and it’s just a wonder to behold.”

– Independent Clauses

“Pan’s post-rock abounds with pop-punk energy…”

– Patrick Wall, Free Times

“Pan hit new highs with Meta Major.”

– David Stringer, SceneSC (Top 10 SC EPs of 2013)

“The instrumentals within are a succession of escalating crescendos, each one more restless and joyous than the last.”

– Jordan Lawrence, Free Times

“… there’s a uniquely optimistic tone within the soaring, echo-laden guitars and swirling drum beats of the compositions on their latest recordings that sets them apart from some of the darker (and more tedious) acts in the modern post-rock/instrumental scene.”

– Ballard Lesemann, Metronome

“It’s rare for instrumental rock to grab one’s attention for long, but the aural landscapes proffered by this group of sound painters are masterpieces of both melody and mayhem.”

– Kevin Oliver, Music That Matters

“How can you resist a band that just wants you to remember the wonder of being alive?”

– Independent Clauses