In the corner of an intersection where the debris from a car wreck between Kraftwerk, Trans Am, Battles, Air, and Daft Punk is partially scattered, you can find the sound of Devereaux. Not quite analog, yet not exactly electronic, Devereaux is the sound of W. Heyward Sims: a boy who grew up perfecting Led Zeppelin riffs in front of his Emerson CD player in the early 90s, now a man who laments the demise of the answering machine amidst his own pre-Google and post-Google reconciliation.

Stream Devereaux’s latest single, “Kapowski”, below. A lusty, sun-soaked jolt of sinewy sass, perfect for cruising the California coast with Bayside’s favorite prom queen.

Cacti Pace, Devereaux’s debut EP, was released on October 2, 2012 and followed in September 2014 by Pineapple Flex, the artist’s first full-length effort. Stream both below.

Devereaux Press photo

Pineapple Flex veers from bombastic 80s-styled rock (“Azúcar”) to Philippe Zdar-indebted lounge funk (“Sell the Rose”) and more mellow electronica… Hot like a single drop of perspiration slinking its way between a lady’s cleavage.”


“A sun-splashed chillwave-meets-Kraftwerk piece that evokes the dreamy, hot laziness of late July…”

PopMatters (on “Bikini”)

“… the artist follows up his debut Cacti Pace EP by swapping the sinewy desert heat for the global jungles, and sounds that strike with tropical sweetness.”


“Full of bold energy, Pineapple Flex is an animatedly euphoric, at times violent, assault on epic electronic music. It’s hot-pink-grit good.”

Independent Clauses

“In an age when EDM is taking terrestrial radio by storm, Cacti Pace mines for something deeper. Wholly avant-garde while still remaining catchy, relatable and refreshing, it is is effervescent and ebullient as anything that has come across this desk all year.”

Absolute Punk

“Devereaux is a pop-clash of post-punk throb, post-rock expanse, EDM repetition and synth-pop gloss… manages to mingle Holy Fuck’s tape-looper funk with New Order pulse with The Faint’s indie-goes-80s disco-melt with Trans Am’s motorik post-rocking.”

 Bryan Reed, Shuffle Magazine

“Really fun, dancey, electronic tunes.”

– Ray Milian, Off the Radar

“… an aggressive, exuberant journey into the realms of electronica and kraut rock as they ebb and flow together.”

– Surviving the Golden Age

“..below the surface there’s some electro rock genius happening here. I’m careful to say that the record teeters a fence between big rock and indie electro, because those two things aren’t really ones separated by a mere fence, and because this endeavor comes across as more of an exercise in blending sounds than choosing between them. I listen to “Perestroika” over and over just to see if I can pick it apart – what is real / what is illusion; how do I feel about that?”

– Janey Criss, The Silver Tongue

“A heady mixture of Trans Am and Ratatat, with some futuristic Battles bent used to oil the joints, Devereaux creates predominantly instrumental sojourns through a TRON-like landscape, albeit with a Skynet like entity watching from the skies.”

– Sonic Masala