Art Contest Shares New Single “Sports”, To Release ‘Two Songs’ LP on 6/2



It’s almost here.

Athens math rock duo Art Contest have announced that June 2nd will see the official release of their long-awaited psych-pop opus, Two Songs. Originally scheduled to drop in late 2015, the initial production of Two Songs ran into a bevvy of obstacles, all stemming from an Athens home invasion that left the band without vital equipment and most of their original recordings.

You can now stream “Sports”, the lead single from Two Songs, below.

Says guitarist Cole Monroe, “Putting the album together two times over two years has proven to be a challenge and, consequently, it’s the most unique production either of us have ever worked on. Two Songs reflects us, the way we perceive these songs, the world they now live in, and we aim to challenge the concepts of rock music and production with it.”

01 Chico
02 Lentemen
03 Art Project
04 Sports
05 Ready Play
06 Wall Ball
07 Trophy Wife
08 RGB
09 Horror
10 Scissorkick
11 Tokyo Megaplex
12 Breather
13 Seadoo
14 Two Songs
15 No More Thinking!!
16 Mortal Grind
17 Mixtape

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